Web Penetration Testing to Stop Hacking

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  • Is your website being hacked?
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How Pen Testing works?
  • Vulnerability assessment is a part of penetration testing. A standard penetration testing consists of 5 stages:
    1. Reconnaissance: In this stage, the hacker tries to collect as much information as possible about the target.
    2. Scanning: Actively scanning the target to discover all the vulnerabilities
    3. Gaining access through attacks and exploits – Depending on the vulnerabilities, the attacker would then attack and try compromising your system.
    4. Maintaining the access – The hacker would leave some door (program or ports) open, so that they can keep coming back to the system to do other malicious activities.
    5. Covering the tracks – The hacker would cleverly remove all the traces of their access to the system by, for example deleting relevant logs or other information that may indicate any malicious activities.
    6. Reporting: Finally, the ethical hacker documents a report which consists of the vulnerabilities spotted, the tools used to exploit, and the success rate of the operation